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For Seniors

The benefits of swimming for seniors

Swimming is one of the best sports whatever your age

One of the major problems of seniors is a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of physical activity leads to health problems. This is why doctors strongly encourage seniors to practice a non-violent sport. Swimming is therefore ideal and allows them to gently and sustainably improve their physical condition. Find out what are the benefits of swimming for seniors, at what pace to practice and what are the possible contraindications.

It has certain advantages for seniors. First of all, know that swimming has an antidepressant effect on the body. By swimming, you secrete endorphins, the hormone of happiness, and you feel fitter and happier.


Swimming is best for health

Swimming also has the advantage of being a non-traumatic sport for the joints. You reduce the impact on the ground, you reduce the risk of injuries and aches and you thus contribute to improving your motor skills. Swimming is also a good way to stimulate your cardiovascular system, work on your endurance and promote blood circulation.

To enjoy all the benefits of swimming, it’s not need to be a professional! The ideal is to swim twice a week for  30 minutes per session. If this seems difficult at first, we start with shorter sessions (15 or 20 minutes for example) and increase by 5 minutes per week. Swim at a slow or moderate pace and swim in amplitude so as not to injure yourself. Always listen to your body and get out of the water as soon as you feel tired.

Indispensable to progress in swimming whatever your level, the training program allows you to set goals for a session and break the monotony of the lengths that follow one another.

If you are afraid to be ridiculous, do not hesitate to take private lessons with a private coach. He will offer you an even more personalized service. If you are afraid of water, it may be interesting to participate in an aquaphobia course before taking the plunge.

There are very few contraindications in swimming, but after a certain age, it is best to seek medical advice before getting into the water. If you suffer from heart disease, epilepsy, skin diseases, your doctor will advise you to practice another sport.

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