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3 - 4 years old


Have a child sit on the edge of the pool and sit next to him. Keeping one hand on the child to make sure he’s secure, lower myself into the water. Turn to face him and get the body closed to the child’s legs, grasp his waist with the hands. Lift him and hold him against my body while we’re in the water

The next stage


If the child is afraid of the water, the best tool is patience. We might already know where child fear originated and how it developed. It’s possible that his or her fear stems from a misconception that we can quickly correct

the coordination of movements and the psychomotor development of your toddler. So many exercises that will give him a gentle feeling of relaxation and freedom. Thanks to the baby swimming sessions, your child will also be more confident in the aquatic environment. Maybe he will even put his head under water.

A magical moment where you will discover your child’s apnea faculties! Always in my arms arms, take him with me underwater for a few seconds.

Do not imagine making a baby a diving champion, from the first sessions! The initiation takes place in several stages. At the beginning, in constant contact with a toddler, I  gradually immerse him up to the mouth. Once confident, I can teach him to lie on his back or on his stomach, lying on a mat.

To not exhaust your little one: three immersions per session are sufficient. Beyond that, he risks blocking and no longer considering swimming as a moment of pleasure.

To keep your little one comfortable and to avoid embarrassing little accidents, consider disposable swimsuits. Also bring doses of physiological serum to clean your baby’s eyes after the sessions, as well as a soap and a small moisturizer for the after-bath.

I will coach and learn child, anybody of your family of swimming in private  pool  of your villa or residence.
In the pool I can help your child every step of the swimming skill. Join me and book the swimming classes. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

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