Help child discover water while having fun.

The aquatic environment

Whether in a bath, paddling pool or swimming pool, floating toys or blowing bubbles on the surface of the water can definitely make him laugh. The more you encourage swimming, the more your child gains confidence in his potential, an asset that will serve him well throughout his life.

All You Need To Know

first steps in the pool

Thanks to the daily bath, your child has already tamed water. Now just introduce it gradually to different aquatic environments and water levels. Maintain a smile and eye contact throughout the exercise. Although some children wade easily, others are more afraid of water. Pay attention to your child and follow their rhythm.

Wherever you are, there is always a way to have fun in the water. Inflatable pools, garden hoses and automatic sprinklers, bathtubs, private pools, public pools, community centers, lakes, rivers and the sea – there is no shortage of options for having fun and learning about the aquatic world.

We do not leave our child unattended, it is essential to be vigilant at all times, whether by a lake or an inflatable pool. Let your child explore, but stay close when needed.

Doing things together is always more fun! The child imitates. Dip your toes in the water at the same time. Slowly move forward and pay attention to his reactions. While maintaining the playfulness of the water, stay put for a few minutes, then, at your child’s pace, gradually submerge their body.

When you feel your child is having fun in the water and the instructions are clear, make bubbles and sounds underwater to help them develop. You can also use a noodle and play dolphin. Unleash their creativity so that they can imagine their own marine world. No matter the game, the important thing is that your child has fun moving in the water.

Thanks to your encouragement, your child learns that it is fun to play in the water. Over the years, this state of fun will immerse your family in a cascade of new activities to try: water polo, diving, surfing and sailing. Find out what excites you!

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